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Voice Collaborative

Online lessons for musical theatre and contemporary singers.

AVC is my voice teaching studio. I use functional, science-based technique to help you find tools for your unique voice. Let's do this together!

Own your voice!


I don't speak in the metaphors of traditional vocal teaching, but true science-based techniques that you can apply and see results in real time. Each voice is unique. We'll focus on your authentic vocal production and build each lesson around your needs and goals.

You are at the center of each lesson. I'll ask about your experience, and we'll discover how your unique voice functions and build warm-ups and repertoire specifically for you. You will walk away with ownership of your authentic voice and your vocal technique!


Each lesson is a collaboration between us. Each lesson is a conversation to find what feels best and works best for you. I will act as a sounding board, but you drive the lesson. We will collaboratively build personalized cuts and repertoire recommendations together.

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In an AVC Lesson


Joyful Singing

Ease in Vocal Production

Loss of Tension and Stress

Confidence in Your Authentic Voice

Knowledge of How Your Voice Works

Exploring What Your Voice Can Do

Take a Lesson

45 minute - Online Lessons

We do lessons over Zoom, all you need is

  • A device to join (computers work best)

  • Sheet music for your songs

  • Accompaniment or karaoke tracks (YouTube is great!)

  • A device to play the accompaniment (like a portable speaker or a phone)

  • Extra: Headphones with a microphone or an external mic

Monthly Subscription

Four 45-minute lessons a month discounted at $75/lesson.

You'll get a consistent weekly time and a more personalized experience. We will do a personalized warm-up, track goals, and measure your success! This is best if you're new to my studio or are looking to build specific technical skills.

Bi-Weekly Subscription

Two 45-minute lessons month discounted at $75/lesson.

This is similar to the monthly subscription, just twice a month.

This is best if you're looking for more flexibility and don't have time for a lesson every week.

Drop-In Lesson

One 45-minute regularly priced $85/lesson.

Drop-in lessons are perfect if you want the most scheduling flexibility or you have one specific goal in mind for the session. Come with a clear goal with your music ready, so we can get singing!

Book Your Free Intro Lesson!

Come sing with me! In this free 45-minute lesson, we'll discuss the studio, your goals, and I'll take you through our usual lesson set-up.

Bring a song to sing!

Get in Touch

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