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We'll see you at your intro lesson!

Thank you for signing up for an AVC intro lesson!


Prepare Before the Lesson

  1. Reflect on your goals. Why do you want lessons? Do you have a performance our audition coming up? Do you have songs you really want to learn?

  2. Choose a song (or two) that you want to sing during the lesson. It's best to have sheet music, if you can find it.

  3. Find an accompaniment track. Search YouTube for a piano or karaoke track, or use apps like Appcompanist, or PianoTrax.


At the Lesson

  1. Find the Zoom link in your calendar invite.

  2. Open it on a computer. (iPads and phones do work too)

  3. Have another device ready to play your accompaniment. (portable speakers are great)

  4. Have a set of headphones near by, just in case.

  5. If you have a microphone or headphones with a mic, bring it along!

  6. Come ready to collaborate and sing! :)

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